Centre International Prive pour Education et la Culture

Centre International Privé
pour l’Education et la Culture

From/since 1984

Domaine de Fontvieille - 505 route de Bouc-Bel-Air, Luynes - 13080 Aix-en-Provence - France - Tel +33 (0)


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Our policy of reduced class numbers and the competence of our teachers create an ideal learning environment... At break time children can play in the forest making little huts, whisper little secrets to each other... And very often we have fun... Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving, Valentine's day...


years Basic skills. A big blackboard in the classroom. Younger children stay for half the day.
years English and French are spoken. Spatial awareness improves. Writing skills are introduced together with elementary arithmetic skills.

Primary school

K3, 1st grade: French and English speaking teachers alternate. We learn to read, write, count in both languages.

2nd to 5th grade:

French Acquisition of basic knowledge, teaching in English, as defined by British and American programmes.
Progressive mastering of French used as a language of communication 30% of the time
Studies abroad or in France
Bilingual Acquisition of knowledge in both languages.  
International Acquisition of basic knowledge, teaching in French, as defined by the national programmes.
Progressive mastering of English used as a language of communication 30% of the time
 English tests


Number of hours and coefficients : Hours Coefficients
French 6,25 4
English  6,25 4
Mathematics / Mathématiques
4,5 4
History / Histoire
1,25 1
Geograhy / Géographie 1,25 1
Science / Sciences 1,25 1
Art / Arts 1,25 1
Music / Musique
Drama / Théatre
Sport / Sports 5
Study / Etudes 2 / 4
Total 29 / 31  20
3rd language / 3ème langue
1 / 0

Bilingual teaching

The international vocation of the school is based on bilingualism English-French. It is the main concept on which our teaching methods are based. The table below shows the mental process through which bilingualism is achieved:

Learning Vocabulary
Basic grammar
Speaking Continual use
of the spoken language
In the classroom classes streamed according to ability outside the classroom natural communication between french and foreign pupils
Writing Grammar Stimulating reading
The Bicultural
Knowledge of human and  scientific realities from two  points of view Alternative use of both languages in all subjects taught
Self Evaluation Language Trips Smart Wednesday, Cipec summer camp, Cipec journeys

From the 1st grade, there is the possibility of following mother tongue or foreign language courses in German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic and Russian taught by native speakers.

Art and culture

The teaching of arts and culture has, as its prime objective, the development of the creative powers of the child. Cipec has further goals: - broadening of the mind, tolerance, the respect of the values and beliefs of others; - building bridges between different disciplines. Explaining mistakes made, revealing weaknesses in order to develop understanding. Teaching methods: Preparation for School Shows (Christmas, End of Year), Publication of the school magazines ('Les Cahiers du CIPEC'), debates, visits,  journeys.


Sports plays an important role in the School curriculum. Although Cipecians are on the sports field, in the gym, or at the club regularly, our objective is not to artificially produce champions but to contribute to the general well-being of the individual. Particularly talented pupils have ample scope to develop as our team of teachers comprises the best-qualified professionals. Throughout the year various competitions and friendly matches are organized culminating in the 'Olympiades' (Sports day) in June.

Disciplines taught: Physical education, Athletics, Swimming, Team sports, Tennis, Dance, Gymnastics, Horse back riding (optional from 2nd grade)...


A report is sent to families at the end of every term showing:

- In each subject, the average mark for the term and comments.
The term average is the combined average mark of the daily work and the examination result.

- The overall term mark, the decision of the teachers together with appropriate remarks (awards, merits, warnings). The overall average is calculated according to different weightings attributed to each subject.

In order to promote healthy competition among our students the School is firmly attached to:

- A termly class placing system. 
- A scholastic awards ceremony at the end of the school year ('Grands Prix', 'Cartables', Subject prizes)



The communion of feelings between children and adults in the creation, preparation and performance of a show characterizes the highest degree of possible pedagogical success. Watched by his/her parents, the child with a tense body, trembling limbs, staring at the spotlight, which gives him a sense of an empty space, the miracle happens: he acts… For a few long seconds, lit up, as if struck by grace, he/she feels strong, loved, elevated-he/she had never before experienced this feeling in French or Maths lessons. Ambition and pride are the engines of intelligence, the privileged instruments in education. To inhibit them is the same as forbidding dreams, and we know, through rats, the decline, which follows…


When at CIPEC, we talk about bilingualism, we are not only speaking about the 'quality of a person who is fluent in two languages', but primarily about 'the quality of a person who, having received an education in two languages, has a plural faculty of integration.’
Some people still doubt this: